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If you have a BioClean sterile product, on the outside of the carton you will find a sterilization label similar to the representation below.

On that label you will find an irradiation number; put that number in full into the form below to retrieve a PDF copy of the sterilization certificate.

If you do not have an irradiation number, you can also search by lot number. To do this, select 'Lot No:' from the drop down menu, then enter the product lot number, all the irradiation numbers linked to that lot number will be displayed. Using this method could display more than one irradiation number. In this case you can select the relevant document you need from the list presented.

Please note: This search facility is for BioClean sterile products ONLY, if you have a Contec disinfectant product and need a COR (Certificate of Release) please contact us on info@bioclean.com or +44 (0) 1638 663338

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